Unearthing Words From the Past

So my father in law recently gifted me with one of these new fangled tablet devices.  It’s a cool little piece of machinery so I thought I’d try it out as a teleprompter for lyrics.  Over the last 20 plus years, I have written so many songs that there are songs from my solo folk days that I haven’t played in well over 10 or even 15 years.  Luckily, I have kept nearly everything I have ever written since 1994.  Some of those songs never left notebooks but some of them did manage to get typed up and saved in a folder.

As I was going through the folder tonight for songs to add to my new little friend that I call Minder (reminder, get it?  i’m old and forget shit), I found these lyrics that I don’t think even ever had music put to it.  Reading them reminded me of exactly where I was when I wrote them and where I was at in my life.  We were in a camper van in a state park outside of Louisville (maybe Bowling Green?).  Dr. Lady L and I were on a road trip.  I had just graduated college with my associates and L was about to start at UNC Chapel Hill.  These lyrics are very transparent.  No deep story, no deep meaning but it’s a document of a person who was an adult that was still trying to figure out what all was out there for him.  He was still a dreamer with big dreams but was very much in the moment… something I can be reminded to do these days more often than none.

Kentucky Stars

The rolling scenes, of Bowling Green

They just seem to make me smile.

They say a man, from Kentucky, sure is lucky.

Pastures of plenty, rolling on for miles.

Kentucky skies, can turn a grown man…

Into a, dreaming boy.

Drove all day, now it’s time to rest my head,

Beneath this big, Kentucky sky.

Soon it will be nightfall, so it seems.

That’s when I’ll rest, and bring about my dreams…

Kentucky stars, can turn a grown man…

Into a little, dreaming boy

Just like pearls, sewn into, a black velvet blanket high.

To me it’s no wonder, why the Indians…

Put all their faith in the sky…

Kentucky stars, can turn a grown man…

Into a little, dreaming boy.

My dreams are as many, as the stars tonight.

Watched one fall and it took my breath away.

That night I’d forgotten all my worries.

And with that star I watched them fade away

Kentucky stars, can turn a grown man…

Into a little, dreaming boy.


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