“Rehearsing is Just a Big Word for Bonding.”

“Rehearsing is just a big word for bonding.” I wish I could remember where I saw that quote. It obviously meant a lot to me because I wrote it down. I wish I could give credit where credit is due but I will just say that this is not my quote. When I saw this quote, it totally made me smile because I totally knew exactly what this was all about. There was a time in my life where sometimes rehearsing with a band could be painful. Sometimes there were even moments where I would find an excuse to cancel rehearsal. Why would someone do that? It’s probably the same reason that relationships fall apart or why friendships fall apart. That magic, that spark is either no longer there or maybe it just wasn’t there at all.

Rehearsing with Allison and Mike (aka: Collins Drive) is always a bonding experience. I feel that with every rehearsal we get tighter, closer, and more in touch with each other not just artistically but personally as well. I remember the first time we all got together and as corny as it sounds, I knew that these were the ones. Every day that I spend with this band I learn more about myself as a writer, as a singer, as guitarist, as a performer, and as a person in general. This band brings the best out of each other. We are each others biggest fan and we are each others biggest cheerleader. When we are in that rehearsal room together, it is pure magic. All the bullshit, all the hassle of the world gets left behind and the minute that door closes, our world revolves around one thing: the song.

Rehearsing with this band is everything to me. Sometimes, when they don’t know it, I find myself just looking at them and smiling. I see Allison lost in the groove and playing those lyrical bass lines while Mike plays with his eyes closed, completely immersed in the song, lipping the words as I sing. When I see them like this, it makes me smile and it makes me feel connected. It makes me feel bonded to them in a way that you can’t just bond with other people. It’s truly magical and it’s something that I hope never goes away.


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