Get Over It and Move On…

“If you need safe spaces, Play-Doh and coloring books because you can’t handle the fact that your lying, corrupt, crooked, murderous criminal lost the election fair and square even though she cheated to get the nomination and had the entire corporate world, Wall Street, main stream media and a sitting President on her side, then you don’t need a safe space. You need mental help!! Get over it and move on.”

This is a direct quote from someone that I saw in my recent Instagram feed. I have mulled this over for the last couple of days so I finally decided to address this. Why? Because there is so much wrong, ignorance, and downright bullyspeak in this quote that I feel it needs dissected.

First off, I’m not sure what Play-Doh and coloring books has to do with anything.

Second, I get it. You hate Hillary Clinton.

Third, now THIS is where I have to take a stand and this is where I’m talking to you. Yes, you, the person who posted this. Let me just whittle down what you said to the foundation. What you said, in a nutshell is, “If you need safe spaces because Hillary Clinton lost the election, you actually need mental help. Get over it and move on.” There is just so much wrong with this statement because these words cut like knives. Get over it and move on? Let me break this down yet again for you, sir. Here is what you’re saying.

To the men (such as myself) and women who deal with mental illness on a daily basis and find this statement harmful… Get over it and move on.

To the women who now have to fear the fact that their very own human rights can be taken away from them… Get over it and move on.

To the women and men who rely on Planned Parenthood for their health care who now fear crossing the angry protest lines… Get over it and move on.

To the LGBT community who now have to be governed and ruled by the hand of hate… Get over it and move on.

To the LGBT community who actually DO need safe spaces to avoid the violence and oppression of a new, hateful majority, Get over it and move on.

To my mother and other senior citizens who very well may suffer if Medicare becomes privatized, Get over it and move on.

To ALL non white people (and I know you are friends with many) who are now living in a country where our own president considers them to be of a lesser race… Get over it and move on.

To people of all handicaps who have wake every day knowing that our president is a thing that made fun of them on national television… Get over it and move on.

So as you can see sir, this is WAY MORE than crying and being a sore loser because Clinton didn’t win. This is a truly horrifying time for many people because the person who is now in power is far beyond just being from “the other party.”  This person is hate personified and yes, whether you like to believe it or not, people always have and even more so now will need to have “safe spaces.” They will need to have allies. They will need to have advocates. They will need to have believers. They will need to have protectors. If you cannot see the wrong in the statement that you released to the general public, then maybe you are just another one of “them” that these human beings need to be protected from. Maybe you are one of the ones that make these people feel the need for that “safe space.” Hell, maybe you don’t care to read a single fucking word of this. Maybe you think I’m a “big old pussy” or a “faggot” or whatever hateful thing you may think I am because by reading your statement, it wouldn’t surprise me if you do feel this way. If you don’t feel this way at all, maybe it’s just a case of not thinking before you type (aka. diarrhea of the fingers).

If you do feel this way though and you stand behind this kind of verbal lashing, just know that what this does is empower me. It doesn’t break me down. It doesn’t make me mad. It makes me even more than ever strive to be a stronger advocate. It makes me volunteer at Planned Parenthood as a patient escort, to be their “safe space.” It makes me want to strive more than ever to look hate and ignorance in the face and not blink. It makes me want to be better, more compassionate, and more thoughtful of not just my words but my thoughts and my actions. It makes me want to say to you, “If you don’t like what I had to say to you…Get over it and move on.”


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