Reunited and it Feels So Good…

I woke up today and there was an air of excitement that seemed to take over me. I was super happy, kinda nervous, and very excited. Why? Because my band (Collins Drive) was getting together to rehearse for the first time in almost two months. Our drummer Mike fractured his wrist a few days before a show and even though Allison and I played the show as a duo and it went over really well, it just wasn’t the same. Well, that was nearly two months ago so to get back together today was exciting. I was also a bit nervous. What if Mike’s wrist wouldn’t hold up? How are the songs going to sound? Well, all of this was nothing that a half of Xanax couldn’t take care of.

Over the past two months, a sense of sadness also seemed to kinda follow me around. I have never experienced making music in my life like I have making music with Mike and Allison. There is such a strong connection. As corny as it sounds, it totally transcends just being in a band. It feels like family. This connection is what makes our music so much fun to play and why people who come to see us truly enjoy it. I have had people tell me after seeing one of our shows that they could feel the energy from us. That, to me, is probably the greatest compliment anyone could offer us. That’s what it’s all about so you can probably understand that being away from these people for so long eventually became painful.

Once we got to the rehearsal room today, we all just hugged, and it was literally like we had just seen each other a week ago. We all just picked up our instruments, shared some off color potty jokes to annoy a smile out of Allison and ran through the songs. It felt so good to feel the music just flowing out of us, to be singing the songs and to see them lost in the music and just play. No stress, no anxiety, and no frustrations. There was even one moment where we were all playing and we just looked at each other and smiled. I wish I could put it into words but it’s hard. It’s just something you have to experience and every musician should experience this even if just once. I’m lucky in that I get to experience this every time we make music together.

So after 2 months apart, two hours flew by in a flash and it was like no time had passed at all. We literally picked up where we left off and as a matter of fact, did it even better than we have before. The bond was strong and the passion and fire were all present. We even started working on a new arrangement for one of our songs and discussed recording our debut full length album and even talked of new material that I’ve been working on. Getting back with these cats after so long was just what my heart, soul, and psyche needed. We were reunited and yes, it felt so good… REALLY fucking good!

I love my band!


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