Taking The Back Roads

So I was driving from Atlanta to South Carolina to meet my inlaws at a state park.  They were taking my dog, Cassie, for a week so the wife and I could go out of town for a weekend.  It’s amazing how when you see towns from major highway exits they all look the same.  QuikTrips, BPs, McDonalds.  Hell, South Carolina could be Virginia could be Lousiana.  They all look the same but something happens when you take the backroads.  When you take the back roads, you see a hidden America.  It’s almost as if these are little parts of America that escaped the commercialism and the modern changes that the “off the exit” parts of the country have.  30 miles of back roads I saw some BBQ buffet (15 items to choose from) that looked like it was in a trailer, a full service gas station, and one one corner these two old dudes just sat in chairs looking at the cars going by.  It was amazing.  The back roads looked un-touched, un-affected, and just unphased by the hustle and bustle of the interstate parts of town.  I felt calm, at ease, and even the dog seemed to be digging.

I need to take the back roads more frequently.


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